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Transformers:Metamorphosis is based on a Transformers: Prime 1V1 Roleplay setting created by ♦MachinaeChild♦ & ♦Storm-Blue♦, edited into a fanfiction-like novel for viewer's delight. While Metamorphosis takes place during the Prime generation, previous generations and characters may be referred to, and/or included as the story progresses; as well including OCs that belong to either/or. We hope you enjoy the read just as much as we enjoyed making it! For more questions or concerns, please view the Author Notes below with links and bonus information! Thanks!

(Intermissions are based 35 years prior Metamorphosis & sequenced with the Armada Triology Verse)

Intermission 00


It was the only adjective that seem to carry any real definition in the situation. Dry may have been another, though it was only logical for that to follow in the domino effect that was chills. How long had she been here? How long had she been asleep? Where was here?

The only setting was surrounding steel and deadbolt nuts, limbs pinned against the cushioned side of the pod as light emitted from a small peak-hole up top like ventilation. Pod... yes, this was her home for however long during her stasis, faded memories of being engulfed by green and violet moisture now etching away at her memory. She would take the cold any day, if it meant staying away from that.

Exhausted from absolutely nothing, the fragile body pulled her arms forward, a sudden 'crack!' echoing inside her personal-sized prison. It seemed that the time had rotted away the shackles, being no more than encased debris awaiting for her wake to free her. A glimmer of hope, she then tugged at the other wrist, the bind shattering just as easy. Following her freed digits, her legs were a bit harder, the mobility room lacking as her toes were only a couple inches from the walls; but succeeded in just under a minute. Lastly; it was the thicker bind around her waist that would be the most trouble.

Straining, the thinned girl pressed the back of her heels against the padded surface, her fingers latched at the rim of the small window as she attempted to thrust her way forward. Bit by bit, the shackle began to crack, small fragments chipping away from eroded time; until finally, the bone-chilling sound of freedom shook her from her stance. Not only had the bind snapped into several pieces (some of the heavier parts landing on her feet in small cuts), but her weight thrown against the door led to the reveal of what was on the outside, the metal slab collapsing forward as her naked frame laid there, shaken by the sudden turn.

The outside; it was much different than she had remembered. Much brighter, compared to the darken sky that loomed above. The ground seemed completely made of brittle rock and dust, and the color spectrum had shattered, too, into an inevitable grayscale. The horizon held no justice as the scenery looked like a repeated image of hills and craters, infinite amount of stars lighting her way to her own demise. Even with the mind of a nine year old, it had been obvious this was not home.

With little to no struggle, the organic began lifting herself from the doorway, golden hues observing in future detail of her surroundings. The first thing she noticed almost instantly, was her weight. Standing by itself was a strange sensation, but her first step forward was a disaster between miscalculation and the unknown. This was nothing compared to what she had experienced in the labs or any of her 'training'; in fact, it was as if she had been several pounds lighter and locked in one of the metal asylum's padded rooms; a bouncy house for the wick and wicked.

Another step followed by another bone shriveling chill, the youth carefully constructed a pattern of footsteps, eventually reaching the child nature of bouncing lively upon the tips of her toes. A shy smile made it to her face, and eventually the light sound of laughter began to vibrate her vocals, the tingly feeling of this new Earth much to her amazement.

In the far distance, hiding amongst one of the deeper craters, the orange metallic palm shot forth, pointing at the strange events at bay.

"You see that Demolisher? It's one of the squishies! How do you think it got here?" the cackling voice inquired.

"I... I don't know. I don't think they can fly. Maybe Optimus sent it as a spy through our Warpgate when we weren't looking?" another voice answered, stammering in his sentence as hesitation cracked in every few syllables.

"You think the Bots would actually do something like that to us? Oh man, is Megatron going to be angry..."

"Should we take it to Megatron? I mean... we don't just leave it here, do we?"

"Uh... I guess not. Yooou... can go get it!"

"Wait- what?! No way I'm touching one of those flesh coated scraplets! You've talked to one before, YOU go do it!"

"Oh fine, you big wuss'! I'll teach it not to mess with me, and if it attacks, I'll just squish it beneath my foot! HAHAHA!" the menacing voice cracked, followed by a series of clicks and turns as gears rotated appropriately, the shifting metal sliding smoothly against other parts as the sound of helicopter blades pierced the air.

Turning at the sound, the girl halted her skip, her deep set of irises gazing in half terror, half curiosity as the teal-coated copter made its way in her direction.

"Heli?" the voice meeped, mouth held in awe as her mind attempted to rearrange any order of action she could retaliate with. Unfortunately, the only conclusive idea that held her mind was to run; and that's exactly what she did. Caught in such a robust situation, the frame even went as far as to darting back into the silver pod, her flesh exposed chest pressed against the padding as her arms flailed behind her head, as if she could potentially hide.

"Aw, don't run! You're making this harder than it really is!" the ominous voice spat in glee, another shift of noise transitioning through the robotic creature as a faint 'thump' fell below its feet upon the landing, now standing back into a bipedal bulk. For every step forward, a chuckle brushed the air, twitching digits ready to ply the body from its imprisonment.

"Come on out... I won't hurt you... yet."

Trembling, the girl pressed even harder, attempting to merge her body with the capsule as one golden orb peaked from her locked arms, observing the mechanical beast head on. It had to have been at least ten feet taller than her, colored in various blue hues with an orange face and lightly tinted blades along its back. Though, what had stood out the most, were those glistening emeralds set for eyes; reflecting the very image of a violently shaking girl.

"Wow, you really are scared out of your Spark, aren't you?! Am I that scary looking?"

Was it a trick question? Sure, it wasn't overall scary, but put in the situation at hand, she had every right to be terrified. How else would someone react to a gigantic robot approaching and threatening to do harm?


"Uh... you could say that," the mech answered, blinking his optics in a bit of a daze. At this point, he had bent down to all fours, tail pipe sticking out as his torso frame sat two or three feet from the pod, comparably smaller head looking as he held the conversation with the unique being.

"Can you... be my friend?" the girl asked innocently, her shakes starting to calm as the tension in her forearm began to dissolve.

"Wha... uh..." the taller being stammered, reaching the back of his head with a scratch. "...Sure?"

"Really?!" the youth beamed, turning full as her arms strut down to her hips, a faint smile across her face. In response, a fade of blush overcame the orange faceplate, understanding only one concept of humans this far: they were usually armored in silk like material. This one, however, was like a Sparkling, nothing but anatomy structure and little to no signs of maturity.

"Y-Yeah... But one condition! You have to come with me, you got that?"

"Mm!" the organic nodded happily, little fist balled up to her face in glee.

Complying, the teal mech dropped one hand towards the pod, allowing a one-step maneuver to destroy the several inches boundary between he and his new fellow companion; having no idea what he had just gotten himself, along with his colleagues, into.

◘ ◘ ◘

"Cyclonus. I do hope that this is some kind of game, despite the minor issue that I am in no mood."

Sitting along a fairly crumpled throne, distant stars and miniscule planets highlighted in the background of the destructed structure, the horned-being held a predominant scowl across his plate. His arrange of green and purple twisted hues, along with the common grayscale and crimson optics, shone in comparison to his whiten snarl, fangs baring at the corners.

In the center of the command, sat the female organism, her flesh still revealed to the life-threatening temperatures as she stared in awe at the massive beings surrounding her existence. The five who occupied the room along side her, were doing the same. In their optics, there sat a formidable foe, bare and unsheltered with a lavender-silk mane stretching right above her shoulders. She had yellow marbles for eyes compared to their plexiglass structures, and gentle curves that contradicted their polygon edges.

On the other hand, in her perspective; was the teal and orange coated helicopter that had brought her here shifting several feet behind her, pressing the tips of his digits together in a fret; a more distasteful colored being of tans and other camouflage hues who claimed to have turned into a duo turret tank who stood in one of the shadowed corners, a set of digits pressed against his forehead; a sleek crimson highlighted by pallid hues who stood next to the throne who had a wingspan of a F-15; the Leader of whatever these things claimed to be, constructed of giant treads and a cannon turret of his own; and lastly, a smaller mech in comparable size to the girl, coated in pastel-like hues and a solid, yellow visor for vision as it sat upon the leader's knee bulk.

"N-N-No sir... Honest! You can even ask ol' Demo over there, it was just running around before we found it! At first, I thought it was a spy from the Autobots but--"

"Silence! You arrogant bag of bolts! I do not care where it came from, or how it got here- get rid of it!"

"If I may intervene, Lord Megatron- I believe it is a female of the species... and also, wouldn't it be beneficial if we were to have one of the flesh creatures on our terms? If Optimus Prime does not know..." the crimson began to speak, a dominant voice with a slight rasp texture.

"Hmmm.... Now that you mention it, it would be interesting to see how Optimus would react if we used an organic hostage to meet our needs over the Minicons," the tyrant spoke, placing the side of his face against a crushed fist as the weight pressed into the arm of the throne. With hard, stern optics, his gaze swept over the girl again and again, before coming to a conclusion upon his Second's terms. "Very well. What is your name, soldier?"

"Len... Len Arashi," the girl spoke, her own innocence gazing back up at the monstrosity that now claimed her as his own. In a way, she was intimidated, but not as frightened as she had been originally. There was something... calm, about the atmosphere here.

"Well then, Len. Congratulations on being the first organic to qualify for the Decepticon Army... you are now a soldier of mine, and will do as you are told, do I make myself clear?" Megatron spoke harshly, a thin coldness to his tone as he narrowed his optics upon the girl.

"Y-Yes sir," Len nodded, eyes still glued upon her master.

"Leader-1, show our new subordinate where the berth chambers are. You will be responsible for her care until we find out what more to do with her."

The smallest of the Cybertronians gave a split nod, a series of chimes and dials symbolizing his instruction in its own tone. Leaping forth, the smaller bot stood in front of Len, awaiting for her to reach back to her feet, then follow on the way out.


"Y-Yes, Lord Megatron?" the copter stuttered, emeralds growing wide as he feared what was anticipated to come.

"Let this be a warning to all of you. Never again will I grant the access to an organic in my army," the tank spoke heavily, lifting his posture back to its' original state as his arm slummed back into the indents of the throne's arms. "I am not responsible for this mishap. Should she go offline, it is on your conscious."

"Understood, Megatron sir!" Cyclonus saluted, taking a small bow before dismissing himself along with his partner, the duel turret tank following in quicken pace.

Leaving the last two in the command quarters, the seeker then took a bow of his own, moving from the side of the throne to in front. "May I suggest... possibly finding armor for Len. It is of disrespect and... uncomfortable, to have her walking around the base in just a simple frame."

"Starscream, are you asking my permission to go out shopping for this organic creature?" the tyrant questioned, raising a ridge as his expression fell unamused.

"No, sir. It was only a suggestion," the seeker concluded instinctively, not wanting to press any further debate in anything his master did not see fit.

"...I will have Leader-1 go out and retrieve a pair of belongings on our next cycle. Do not say I have not done you any favors."

"....Thank you, sir."

◘ ◘ ◘ ◘ ◘

(Len Ark 1/3)
(Len Ark 1/3) Intermission 00: Current
(Len Ark 2/3) Intermission 01: [link]
(Len Ark 3/3) Intermission 02: [link]

And the backstory's begin! After considering how much it'll take to explain both Len and Talon's origin for the sake of readers who have interest in the OCs involve with the main story; I have decided that the Intermission Series will be in several parts at a time, spaced between the actual Metamorphosis Chapters. Think of it as bonus chapters / content! While reading these gives you more information on the characters at hand and their relationships, it will not harm the main story line if you just simply want to skim over and/or skip the Intermission Chapters released!

It is also important to keep in mind that, while the Intermission Chapters do not have a released RAW format, the events shared through these side-chapters ARE from roleplayed experience from a Multiverse Armada-Cybertron timestream group we had back in 2006.

Original Characters used in the making of this role play / story belong to myself (Len), and Stormblue (Talon, Warsong, Poseidon, Solaris), and do not under any conditions do we allow the use of our originals for anyone else work.

Transformers: Metamorphosis is based upon the Transformers series credited by Hasbro; with the addition of original plotting and addition of original characters. We by no means own any cannon character or location, but do take credit of the story at play within Metamorphosis. This is a non-profit novel, being purely fan-based and means of entertainment.
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This is about Starscream and Len they first met, right?:?
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Correct; this is set in the past via :Armada series, where the Nemesis in our multiverse is still crashed onto the moon of Earth.
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